P O R T  V I N C E N T

Port Vincent is a new project by singer & songwriter Paul Thrane and instrumentalist & producer Mads Arlien-Søborg. Two musical soul mates and previous members of the critically acclaimed band ”Goldfinger”.
Port Vincent explores the gloomy and melancholic aspects of the Nordic culture, thereby relating to the Nordic Noir movement as seen in movies and television series. The music embraces a great variety of cultural influences and experiments with contrasting elements. It evokes a sense of uncertainty by being raw and poetic at the same time.




EP-Cover paul_thrane_cd_skive_highres-2
Cover- & Label-Art by Olga Bramsen // Cover- & Label-Photo by Morten Corell
Photo by Camilla Schiøler

Pressemeddelelse_Let’s die some more

I cry for love and entertainment
I’ll beg for summer and a kissˮ

If you like your art both high and low, if you prefer your music nicely polished but with its rough edges intact, and if you’d rather your singers croon and holler, whisper then shout all within the same song , then Paul Thrane’s new EP When The Water Reaches My Head” is for you.

Cooly produced by Ken Gudman prize-winning musician and Boat Man Love frontman Lars Skjærbæk, When The Water…” offers listeners a little bit of everything that has made each Paul Thrane recording something special. You’ll hear those moody atmospheres of distant cloudy chords, you’ll enjoy the heartfelt swell of epic choruses, and you’ll welcome the candle-lit intimacy of quiet pre-dawn confessions.

But most of all, you’ll remember that voice
That voice – which you’ve known since the rowdy days of Never Cry Wolf and the glittering nights of Goldfinger, which you’ve missed since the spine-tingling solo CD Bloody Happiness – is back on these four songs, just as strong and shivery as ever. Just as high and low, just as polished and rough, just as epic and intimate as Paul Thrane is supposed to be.

When the water reaches your head, you’ll cry for love and entertainment, as well

Neill C. Furio – Greenwich Village 2013.
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